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About Us

Our preschool provides a developmentally appropriate theme based program that focuses on each child's individual learning style. Our Early Childhood curriculum provides students with hands-on experiences in early literacy, math, science, cultural diversity, geography, music and art, offering each child many opportunities to explore and use their large and small motor skills. In addition, cooking is offered on a regular basis to reinforce math, science and social living.
We feel how children learn is as important as what children learn. Process and content go hand in hand. Each child sees and investigates the world in their very own way. How they explore the world directly relates to how they learn best.


Experienced Teachers

Teachers are hired who have a depth of life experiences and can naturally integrate their faith and learning into their classrooms. We seek out teachers with a passion for children and education, teachers who view this not as a job but as a calling. Our staff has an average of more than 16 years experience working with children. We find enjoyment in sharing our knowledge with our children and families. The staff is complemented and completed by Ms. Christine Gory, Preschool Director. Christine has over two decades of experience working with children in a variety of educational, church, recreational, and preschool environments.

Additionally, all staff receive CPR/First Aid training in conjunction with the American Red Cross and develop their skills through a variety of continuing education workshops and opportunities though out the year.

Involved Families

At Bonita Springs Academy parents are not only invited, but encouraged to be a part of their child’s life at school. We maintain an open door policy and welcome parents to visit their child’s classroom anytime on any day. We have several events and activities that encourage parental involvement throughout the year.


Our beautiful campus offers bright, clean classrooms, two outdoor playgrounds and a great gymnasium. The grounds are beautiful and full of trees and plants. We sometimes like to take a walk or have a lesson or two outside.

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